Teh Cheng

IT Architect
Communications & Collaboration IT

Teh Cheng

IT Architect, Communications & Collaboration IT

Cisco Systems, Inc.

I've been fascinated with technology all my life, starting with a youthful obsession with taking things apart to see how things work. An IT career is a natural evolution of those childhood impulses, except now as an IT Architect, I now also put the pieces together in wonderful new ways. Over the past 10+ years in Cisco IT, I've had the opportunity to do this in multiple arenas. These include systems administration and management of Windows and Unix platforms, storage services, mail & calendaring services, Instant messaging, acquisitions integration, vendors & contract management, client support, team and project management in a global enterprise setting.

To be a successful IT Architect however requires more than technical competency. In order for Technology to successfully deliver value, that requires an understanding of the business context, organizational culture and company goals. My years in Cisco IT has shown time and time again that a successful design requires a delicate blending of the technology and human factors, a bit of business process (re)engineering and active listening to understand the client's business requirements.

I'm a transplanted Texan with a M.B.A. in Telecommunications Management from Texas A&M University. Whenever I can tear myself away from cyberspace, you can find me enjoying life in the Silicon Hills of Austin, TX.

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