Steve Simlo

IPv6 Product Manager NOSTG

Steve Simlo is the IPv6 PM in Cisco Network Operating System Technology Group. Steve has global responsibility for IPv6 delivery across Cisco core platforms. Steve has 18 years experience in Cisco and 29 years in the Industry. In previous roles Steve has driven the deployment of IP Multicast Technologies across EMEAR SP and Enterprise customers and has worked with Video, QoS, MPLS, ATM and Lan Switched Architectures.

In previous lives Steve was employed as a Systems Engineer in IBM UK and as an Applications Engineer in Motorola Codex. Steve lives in Edinburgh in Scotland with his wife and children and enjoys walking, tennis, cycling, gardening and cooking when he is not delivering IPv6 roadmaps.


Cisco Live San Diego 2015 – IPv6 “the wrap”

Cisco Live US landed back in San Diego this year and (together with 25,000 others) I packed my bags for a week of technology dialogue and professional excitement. Here is my personal summary of (what is always) one of my favourite weeks of the year. As we entered the event, IPv6 deployment in the US was […]

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IPv6 is Everywhere at Cisco Live Milan

IPv6 deployment is accelerating at a fast pace. It’s exciting to see that the global IPv6 deployment figures show a continuing upward trend: Cisco has been helping the Industry track this trend with our global deployment statistics portal: http://6lab.cisco.com/stats/. Go to the portal today and you can even follow @cisco6lab on Twitter. We are also […]