Steffen Thorvaldsen

Enterprise IT Architect & Strategist/CIO Advisor

Guest Blogger

Steffen Thorvaldsen is senior network consultant at Datametrix AS in Norway, with focus on enterprise networks and network security.

He likes focusing on Cisco technologies and has over 8 years’ experience with Cisco Routing and Switching, and 4 years with Cisco Security, mainly ASA and IOS Security, including VPN.

Steffen is also very passionate about IPv6 and even spend his spare time helping customers plan and implement IPv6 in their network.

He currently hold 9 Cisco certifications, including CCNP R&S and CCNP Security and are now focusing on the CCIE RS Lab exam.

Even though most of his schedule is full studying for the CCIE Lab, once in a while he gets to spend weekends out in the nature with his girlfriend and dog, an Alaskan Malamute called Cisco.

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