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Reid Bourdet

Project Manager
Cisco IT Global Infrastructure Services

As a project manager within the Cisco IT global infrastructure services team, Reid Bourdet’s work has involved every major migration of Cisco UCM clusters since they were first deployed internally in 2000. These migrations have moved Cisco from a legacy PBX to Cisco UCM on Windows servers, to Linux servers, and most recently to Cisco UCS servers. Before joining Cisco, he was a project manager for AT&T and Lucent Technologies.

Reid holds a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and away from the office enjoy playing guitar in a blues band that performs around the Santa Cruz, California area. Noting the connection between his music and his work, he says, “The greatest pleasure I get from being a project manager is building a team and watching it function well. It’s like in music…if you play guitar in a room by yourself, you miss all the collaboration that goes on in a band and that’s where the real enjoyment is.”

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