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Paul Clements

IT Engineer
Computing Platforms and Mobility

Paul Clements (IT Engineer, Computing Platforms and Mobility)

I've been working in IT for just over 20 years, starting in with a small reseller in the days where five and a quarter inch floppy disks where the norm, on board memory was upgradable to a whopping 640KB and taking your PC with you wasn't possible without help from another person to carry it to your car through to today with quad core processors with 4GB of memory is normal and some devices are so small you can carry them in your pocket. Its been fun following the development of the computer to where it is today and the introduction of things like networking, email and the internet.

Since joining Cisco in 2007 my role has changed from a customer facing Consulting role to an IT role in the Client Services and Platforms team which is responsible for delivering the desktop and mobile environment to our user base. My focus is on delivering Mobile Unified Communications to our Smartphone platforms which involves collaboration with a number of areas in IT and the business and is very challenging as its an evolving technology in a world where today's devices are yesterday's devices all too soon.

I'm a Cisco Certified Network Associate and a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and am based in our Bedfont Lakes office in London, UK. Outside of work I like to be on two wheels, motorbike, mountain bike or road bike.

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