Nick Pennock

Tech Systems Engineering Technical Leader

Nick Pennock is a technical leader within Cisco IT's Monitoring Platforms group. Bringing together a wealth of knowledge about how IT systems operate, from the application to the network, he has more than 15 years of experience in network engineering, software development, and platform administration. Nick started his career at Cisco as a network implementation engineer in 2007, eventually progressing to become the technical lead for the Global Extranet Services team, who was responsible for managing the network security and connectivity for hundreds of Cisco partner locations worldwide. He then pivoted his career towards software development, as he joined the team that carried out Cisco's migration from a set of homegrown IT Operations Management and IT Service Management tools to ServiceNow. Nick is now working to bring the incredible capabilities of the ThousandEyes platform to the thousands of IT Applications in use across Cisco. In his spare time, Nick is a gaming enthusiast, and was lucky to be able to combine his love of gaming with his professional skillsets in assisting with the management and automation of Cisco Minecraft servers that were deployed at the start of the pandemic as an additional tool for Cisco parents who suddenly had their kids at home full time. Nick firmly believes that the cake is a lie.