Mike Steinkoenig

Network Consulting Engineer

Mike Steinkoenig, is a Network Consulting Engineer in the Security Research and Operations organization at Cisco where he works on the Strategic Technology Assurance Team (STAT). Mike currently performs security evaluations on Cisco products.

Mike became actively involved with computer networks while in college before working at Sprint Paranet as a consultant. Since joining Cisco in 1998 Mike has worked as a Network Consulting Engineer in various roles. He has worked on the SPA team performing security assessments of customer networks, developed internal security databases, developed security tools and is currently involved in testing Cisco products for security vulnerabilities and educating the internal developer community about security testing.

In addition Mike has held various certifications, CISSP, MCSE, SCA and CCNP and has a BSCS from Stephen F. Austin State University. Currently, Mike lives in Austin, TX with his wife and two kids.

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