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Luca Felli

Cisco Sales Operations Manager
Cisco Collaboration Solutions

I’ve been with Cisco for 15 years. Currently I am leading a team responsible for evolving our Virtual Selling and Engineering models, using the power of Cisco Collaboration solutions. Previously our team has worked on implementations of Salesforce Service Cloud within our Operations and the transformation of our Connected Workspaces for online quoting, configuration and ordering.

In the past few years at Cisco I have led and participated in a number of transformational initiatives helping my organization to transform sales, customer service and marketing to improve efficiency, performance and competitive advantage. Having lived and worked in 5 countries in the past 16 years, my core skill set is the ability to secure trusted relationships across cultures and geographies coupled with a passion for people, processes and systems and an understanding of how these are the core fabric of an enterprise.

Outside of work I love spending my time with my family. I also enjoy tennis (playing and coaching kids for mental and physical strength), as well as hiking and mountaineering.

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