Kieran Higgins

Services Planning Manager

Global Infrastructure Services Implementation

In his current role, Kieran Higgins manages the governance and planning associated with implementations in the company’s core IT infrastructure, encompassing more than 540 Cisco locations worldwide. His work covers planning for routine upgrades, integration of acquired companies, and new technology deployments. Kieran has worked in a variety of design and architectural roles for Cisco since joining the company in 2000, with his work initially focused on the Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions and now globally.

Kieran’s previous experience includes telecom consulting for IBM, Optus, and Lucent as well as at Tektronix where he designed test systems for chips used in telecom and PC products. He holds a degree in applied physics, with postgraduate research and publications in electrical and light metrology and optical fiber technology. Away from his work, Kieran has a passion for horses, old machines, and cars from the 1950s and 1960s, and he enjoys spending time with his family.


September 30, 2019


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