Kelly Alexander

IT Architect

I joined Cisco through the Scientific Atlanta acquisition where I was the lead network architect. With Cisco IT, I worked in the Network and Data Center Services group, focused on network and security architecture.

In my current role as the data center architect for Cisco’s Government, Trust, & Technology Services group, I’m responsible for secure data center services and architecture. In the 14 years I’ve worked for Cisco, I have seen an increasing need for a security focus that reaches across all layers of technology and management.


August 3, 2015


Government, Trust, & Technology Services, Cisco SourceFire, and Contextual Network Awareness: A Proactive Approach …

One of the hardest things for a company to do is to embrace new technology and manage it in line with company policy. At most organizations, users are generally told not to access certain company data on certain devices, but they go around security controls because efficiency and convenience outweigh the risk. Rather than preventing […]