Keith W. Rabbin

Security Architect
Commercial West, North Coast Select Operation

Keith Rabbin is a Senior Security Consultant at Cisco. Keith’s career in technology began in the late 80’s with desktop systems and databases, moving to UNIX in the early 90’s, and to the complex world we live in today where IoT devices that don’t even look like or behave like computers are connecting to networks.

His natural interest in technology and helping others solve complex challenges has allowed him to wear many hats as a leader and individual contributor across engineering, consulting, managed services, and sales at world-class organizations such as SecureWorks, Stanford Hospital, and Perot Systems.

Keith is passionate in helping organizations minimize the risk they face with the evolving threat landscape. This passion has led him to develop a security-focused assessment based on the Cisco SAFE Framework that helps organizations identify critical gaps in their security capabilities and have the opportunity to receive actionable guidance that can be adopted to significantly improve security posture.

On a personal level, Keith is still an avid athlete and adventurer. His sense of adventure has moved him from California to Colorado. Some of his endeavors include bicycling, rock climbing, martial arts, hiking and trying to keep up with his precocious daughter.

Additional information and certifications: Retail, Healthcare, GIAC, CISSP, HITRUST, PCI-P, and other security industry certifications.

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