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John Combs

Senior Manager
Corporate Compliance

John Combs is a Senior Manager of Corporate Compliance at Cisco. The Corporate Compliance group is responsible for ensuring Cisco products and services meet all applicable worldwide government regulationsRegulation areas Corporate Compliance covers include product safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio transmitters, telecommunications interfaces (optical and copper), green (energy efficiency and reduction of hazardous substances), and accessibility for people with disabilities.  


Combs’ current areas of focus are accessibility, green, and telecom; duties include managing test laboratories and test engineers, and directing regulatory compliance training programs for product design engineers.  


Prior to joining Cisco in 1998, Combs was a test engineer and manager at GTE/Verizon's internal quality control laboratories, and Intertek Testing Services (ITS), an independent test laboratory chain.


Combs holds both physics and engineering/management degrees respectively from the Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky, and Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. He is an avid fancy rat and mouse owner and breeder.



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