Jill Perez

Leader, CX Solutions Marketing

Customer Experience

Based in the Atlanta area, Jill Perez is the Leader of CX Solutions Marketing for Business Critical Services. Leading up to Cisco, her career spans over two decades of proven solutions marketing experience across some of the largest software and high technology companies in the industry, including BMC Software, MCI WorldCom, and Premiere Global Services.


December 8, 2021


3 Things Service Providers MUST Do to Thrive During Tech Talent Shortages in the Post-Pandemic Marketplace

Amid "the great resignation" and in the waning stages of a global pandemic, service providers are faced with unique challenges and pressure to accelerate their transformation to next-generation technologies. Service Providers must be able to transform services, keep high reliability and train existing staff to bring to market next-generation technologies.

November 2, 2021


Avoid Application Revenue Loss with Full-Stack Observability

When you can’t fix what you can’t see, enterprises need the full-stack observability (FSO) and intelligence to turn data into insights and translate them into actions.