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Jerry Applegate

IT Service Manager
IT/Infrastructure, Remote Access Service Team

Jerry Applegate is an IT service manager currently responsible for Cisco’s internal Teleworker service (Cisco Virtual Office). In this position, he drives the ongoing expansion and enhancement of the service which now includes over 19,000 clients spanning more than 75 countries.

Jerry joined Cisco in January 2000 to mange a global upgrade of the desktop and software delivery environment. Jerry spent approximately a year in Europe managing the migration to a global messaging and calendar solution which was later expanded across the enterprise. He has since been involved in several global infrastructure and messaging related programs.

Before joining Cisco, Jerry held various IT management and technical roles. During the "Y2K" days he was the IT Director for the San Diego Community College District which boasts enrollment of over 100,000 students. Jerry's career spans from the early mainframe days and like everyone, he strives to keep up with the increasing pace of change in the IT arena. He holds degrees in information and business management from Indiana University and Kennesaw State University of Georgia.

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