Jaya Gopalakrishan

Program Manager

Jaya Gopalakrishnan has been working in Cisco for 20+ years , in multiple technologies and business functions , in Service provider and in Enterprise network management technologies, common platform architecture for network management technology group, IP Telephony Fault Management for Enterprise BU, Router/Switches protocol parser design and User Experience/Usability Design for network management products when she was part of Advance Technhology Group in Cisco and She has been working in Cisco IT from 2006 in the Enterprise Architecture team as Program Manager responsible for - Common platform development and adoption, Collaboration technologies (Click-to-X) and currently managing Data insight platforms (Application Query Acceleration, Cisco Log Intelligence Platform) and as well as Cisco unified API & ESB Management Program. She was an internal volunteer Auditor for ISO team for three years audited both Engineering Agile product delivery and as well as IT processes. She holds Masters Degree in Computer Science from India, Stanford cerfication in Program Management ,Scrum Master certification and Cooper’s User Experience and Design.


September 8, 2017


AQA: A Faster Way to Index, Search, and Retrieve Large Volumes of Application Data

It’s an ugly domino effect: As application data grows exponentially—and more rapidly—by the day, the vertical stability of relational database management systems (RDBMS) saturates, and query performance degrades. These conditions undermine the performance of applications that rely on those databases, which ultimately hurts users, customers, and the business. Cisco IT has developed a solution called […]

June 30, 2017


Managing and analyzing machine data is a snap with CLIP

Mining and drawing intelligence from large volumes of machine data is difficult and time-consuming. To make the process easier and faster for enterprise teams, Cisco recently developed the Cisco Log Intelligence Platform (CLIP). It brings machine data closer to application developers and administrators, helping them to diagnose, predict, and prevent application performance issues by identifying […]