Jason Hsieh

Vice President of IT and Regional CIO

Cisco IT

Jason Hsieh joined Cisco in January 2021 as VP of IT, Customer Zero & Technology Excellence and Regional CIO. Jason oversees all of Cisco IT Customer Zero, which drives value, features, scalability, and stability with all Cisco products. Ultimately, he works to implement, scale, and improve Cisco products by testing them in Cisco’s internal network. The Customer Zero team’s work is equally important for running Cisco IT smoothly as it is for our development teams to create and perfect products as they come to market. Jason approaches challenges with curiosity and eagerness to learn — something that is paramount in leading Cisco IT’s innovation arm. In addition to Customer Zero, he is responsible for IT M&A activities, innovation and patents, as well as delivery and change management for all regions.


August 16, 2022


Until we meet again: Navigating a global team in a hybrid world

Jason Hsieh, VP IT, Customer Zero & Technology Excellence and Regional CIO, discusses his strategies for managing during hybrid work, and how to fight burnout, bond with a global, remote team, and take advantage of in-person meetings.