Jamie Mcgregor

IT Engineer

Cisco IT – Customer Zero

Since being in technology, I’ve had various roles within the Data Center, Campus and Branch teams within Cisco IT. I’m currently reporting into the Customer Zero engineering team within Cisco IT’s organisation. Currently my responsibility is within the Branch team as a Product Owner, implementing new network solutions from SD-WAN, SDA, Meraki and Core capabilities. The Branch Customer Zero team are some of the first people to use new technology that will be going to market and as Customer Zero we are enabling our customers to get insight of these technologies from a Cisco IT perspective. In addition, he is also responsible for providing feedback and building relationships with wider IT stakeholders including Engineering, Sales and Customer Experience teams.


October 18, 2021


Plug & Play (PnP) enables faster onboarding of new offices

Plug & Play (PnP) makes it easier for IT engineers to provision devices to new offices while reducing configuration issues and enhancing security. Before PnP, the process of device provisioning in new offices was slow and tedious, with a high risk of producing errors.

January 12, 2021


Cisco DNA Center Cloud roundtable: first impressions from our Customer Zero system engineers

In collaboration with Dean Sanders Sometimes Cisco IT makes changes with a huge impact on operations, like deploying Cisco DNA Center. Sometimes we make an already good thing even better. Cisco DNA Center Cloud falls in that category. We’ve been using Cisco DNA Center on premises since 2018 (story here). In late 2020 we started […]