Iain Brown


I am the lead engineer for operations of Social Collaboration at Cisco. I've been working for Cisco It for over 5 years, building and deploying collaboarative solutions for the Cisco workforce such as wikis and social collaboration software. My team maintains a wide range of services, from lab-based bare-metal through virtualized environments and Operating Systems to web applications and aim to provide stable and well-monitored solutions. Prior working at Cisco I was a team-lead and Senior Systems Engineer at a large UK Internet Service Provider, working with both Residential and Business services for millions of customers.



November 13, 2013


How a Cisco IT Team Uses the CITEIS Private Cloud

My team maintains and supports Cisco IT’s internal implementation of the Cisco WebEx Social collaboration platform. Cisco employees use WebEx Social for internal collaboration and knowledge sharing in online communities, and as a central repository for documents, videos, and other information resources.