George Talbot

As a seasoned Information Technology (IT) professional, George Talbot has held positions from IT Engineer to IT Senior Manager during his 25 year IT career.

During his last 18 years at Cisco, he has led various teams including focusing on HR Compensation and Staffing Systems, Business Intelligence, Off Shore Development (India), and HRIT Release Management & Operations.

Throughout George’s career, he has been passionate about employee engagement and productivity. This passion has led him to hire, lead, and mentor many young professionals.

For 5 years, George led the Global IT University Program bringing in hundreds of interns, apprentices, veterans, and new graduates into Cisco. George continues to strive for opportunities to improve the employee experience through creative management techniques.

His current role is the Project Leader of Education for the Cisco on Cisco IT organization.”


May 21, 2018


Future IT through Internships

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