Flo Pachinger

Developer Advocate

Cisco Developer Relations

Flo is a Developer Advocate at Cisco focusing on IoT, machine learning and network programmability. With a software and networking background he has been working since a couple of years on many IoT, ML and programmability projects. He is the most passionate about connecting things and getting information out of data in any way possible. In his current role, he is working on awesome showcases with Cisco and Open-Source technologies and providing lots of learning content for the developer community. Projects: - Smart Parking with LoRaWAN - Play Minecraft on Catalyst 9300 Switch - IT/OT Dashboard with Industrial Asset Vision & Meraki IoT - Creator of johann Network Monitoring Tool Learn more about Flo's work on his Developer Advocate profile page.


August 25, 2020


Sandbox Deep Dive: Cisco Edge Intelligence

Get a detailed overview of how we built the Cisco Edge Intelligence Sandbox, and how the whole environment can save you a lot of time. Register now to attend our live webinar, August 27th.

August 6, 2020


Simplify IoT Edge-to-Multi-Cloud Data Flow with Cisco Edge Intelligence

New DevNet sandbox and learning lab teaches you how to leverage Edge Intelligence orchestration software to connect to devices across connectivity types, and easily provision and manage the extraction of data. Give it a try!

July 8, 2020


Industrial NetDevOps Enables Your Industrial Network with Programmability and Automation

Join the free webinar on July 14th to learn how to bring the culture, tools, technical methods, and best practices from DevOps to Industrial Networks

June 15, 2020


Smart Parking: A Cisco IoT Solution with LoRaWAN

Get a behind the scenes look at the architecture of this small, but real, IoT application, showing an easy way to get a digital output from an analog action.

April 16, 2020


Can You Play Minecraft on a Cisco Switch?

Cloud Computing is awesome... everything centrally working in one place. But, in some cases putting computing workload on to networking devices like a switch might be very beneficial! Watch this video to see how to host your computer game servers directly on the switch.

January 28, 2020


Secure Your Industrial Control Systems

New Cisco Cyber Vision Sandbox and Learning Lab simplifies cybersecurity and increases IoT device visibility