Flo Pachinger

Developer Advocate

Cisco Developer Relations

Flo is a Developer Advocate at Cisco focusing on IoT, machine learning and network programmability. With a software and networking background he has been working since a couple of years on many IoT, ML and programmability projects. He is the most passionate about connecting things and getting information out of data in any way possible. In his current role, he is working on awesome showcases with Cisco and Open-Source technologies and providing lots of learning content for the developer community. Projects: - Smart Parking with LoRaWAN - Play Minecraft on Catalyst 9300 Switch - IT/OT Dashboard with Industrial Asset Vision & Meraki IoT - Creator of johann Network Monitoring Tool Learn more about Flo's work on his Developer Advocate profile page.


January 11, 2022


Connect and Use Your OT Cybersecurity Insights with APIs

Want to see what devices are currently connected in your industrial network? Or detect abnormal behaviors happening between your industrial components? Check out the updated API and sample scripts for Cisco Cyber Vision.

September 26, 2021


Deploying Your Django App to Production – Flexing the Network Device APIs Muscles with johann, Part 4

The fourth and final part of the series looks at deploying your Django, or any Python-based web application, to Production. Here's help on your NetDevOps / Device API journey.

August 3, 2021


Using Django with Celery & WebSockets – Flexing the Network Device APIs Muscles with “johann” Par …

Part 3 in the series focuses on the web-based network device monitoring tool application itself, the frameworks used, why they were chosen, and what the implementation looks like.

July 19, 2021


Getting Data via RESTCONF – Flexing the Network Device APIs Muscles with “johann” Part 2

Learn how operational and configurational data is requested directly from the network device, and how to implement device level APIs in your application.

July 6, 2021


Flexing the Network Device API Muscles with johann – Part 1: Introduction

Learn how to collect configuration and operational data of your networking devices, in a structured way, in one single database, and display it on one dashboard with the "johann" web-based network device monitoring tool.

June 13, 2021


Get Hands-on Experience with Programmability & Edge Computing on a Cisco IoT Gateway

See how the Cisco IR1101 lets you configure your industrial router and get network telemetry data from a single, ruggedized IoT gateway. Features include an open edge-compute framework, cellular interfaces, and high-end industrial features.

February 25, 2021


Monitor Your IT and OT Assets in Just One Dashboard

See how easy it is to gather data from IoT solutions, insert it into an Influx time series database, and visualize it with a Grafana dashboard.

February 17, 2021


The Ultimate Study Guide for the DevNet IoT Certification

Here is your roadmap to study materials that will help you pass the DevNet IoT certification exam. With your certification, a world of opportunity awaits.