Enrique Rueda-Sabater

Director, Business Development

Enrique Sabater has held his current position since 2006. His main focus has been the opportunities and risks in the 130 countries that his group covers ; developing and piloting investment strategies and other components of strategic business models for the different types of emerging countries.

Two decades at the World Bank saw him involved in operations in East Asia, Latin America, East Africa and the former Soviet Union.

In 2000, Sabater was strategic advisor to the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency. Through 2001, as a senior advisor to the UN, he was one of the key players preparing the way for the Monterrey "Consensus" at the summit on Financing for Development in 2002.

From early 2002 until joining Cisco in 2006, Sabater was director of corporate strategy and integrated risk management at the World Bank.

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