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David Maksim

Program Manager
Network Services

David Maksim is a San Francisco Bay Area native who has witnessed the transformation of Silicon Valley to what it is today. With technology so central to this change, it seemed like a no brainer that an education in technology was the right path to pursue in order to find work at a Silicon Valley start-up or one of the major tech giants in the area.

He has walked on both sides of the startup/corporate line. with a start-up stint shortly after graduating from SJSU with a Business MIS degree, followed by an introduction to Cisco as a contract vendor. A transition to Full Time Employee came next.

Over the past few years, he has worked as a Program Manager at Cisco, performing Strategic Service Planning & portfolio management within the Network Services organization. Most recently, he worked in the Infrastructure Strategy Validation team to help build and get the new Customer Zero Program up and running.

Outside of Cisco and the world of technology lay many hobbies and passions, which help balance out what can be a pretty wild schedule from time to time. He loves home-brewing, BBQ’ing, yoga, rugby, automotive repair & restoration, and just about anything you can do or create with two hands and the right tools.

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