David deMilo

Distinguished Engineer, IT

David is the Chief Architect for XRM, Cisco’s enterprise Customer/Partner Relationship Management program. In this role, he has driven a service-oriented architecture approach to CRM/PRM, stripping out redundant capabilities in IT’s application architecture, integrating discreet capabilities through loose-coupling,  and adapting social media and collaboration to business processes, to improve customer experience, delivery velocity, and operating cost. In past Cisco roles, he has led architecture and delivery initiatives in web application development, SOA transformation, online service delivery, customer-facing API programs, and policy-driven cloud storage, for which he was recently awarded a US patent. David is also passionate advocate and practitioner of user-centered design, and using it to drive application architecture and delivery models.

David's 30-year technology career includes diverse experience in online media, consumer products, and financial services, serving in both IT and product development roles.  He led his first projects on the worldwide web in 1995 at PRIMEDIA, and later joined Knight Ridder New Media as VP of Software Development, and Kaplan Professional as CTO before joining Cisco in 2006.  He is a 1980 graduate of Harvard University.