Caroline Te Aika

Business Process Architect, Cisco IT

During her 20 year career, Caroline has worked on most of the disciplines that make up the Software Development Lifecycle. She is passionate about the difference that Agile practises can make to this area and specifically the multi-faceted role of the Agile Product Owner.

Caroline has worked in Cisco IT for the past 13 years. She currently works on the eStore program where she is one of the founders of the vision to provide a single internal store offering all tools, apps and services needed by Cisco employees. The eStore team was recently awarded the Gold Stevie Award for the IT Team of the Year. Caroline has also worked within Cisco’s B2B group and prior to this was a key member of the team who enabled early adoption of Cloud technology within Cisco in the form of Prior to working for Cisco, she worked for Accenture in Dublin, Ireland.

Caroline is a graduate of University College, Oxford, where she studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

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