Angie Rodriguez

Business Analyst

Cisco on Cisco

Angie Rodriguez joined Cisco in February 2016. She began as an intern for the College Program and was hired full-time on the Regional IT team.

Currently, she is an Analyst on the Cisco on Cisco team. She has helped set up multiple Jive Pages such as the IT Advisor, CoC Education and Project Management Office Jive page and is also a scheduler for IT Customer Engagement Requests. Angie also touches on other various programs such as the Shadow Program and Experts Program.

In her spare time, Angie enjoys challenging herself by taking up new hobbies. As of today, she is embracing her new-found hobby- photography and videography. She welcomes every challenge that comes with it and can’t wait to perfect her skills to produce high-quality videos and pictures.


November 6, 2017


¡Hola! We are the IT Roaming Reporters of Cancún

Get ready everyone, Cisco IT is heading to Cancun, Mexico to host the IT Management Program! Cisco Live Cancun is just around the corner...