Amy Christen

Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs Strategic Initiatives and Programs

Amy Christen is Vice President of Corporate Affairs and oversees executive management of Corporate Affairs Strategic Initiatives and Programs. Christen, a 15-year Cisco veteran, has held a variety of management positions. In her current role, Christen also is responsible for the strategic development and growth of Cisco’s award-winning Networking Academy - an education initiative which makes networking skills available to over 900,000 students annually. Cisco Networking Academy is one of the largest public private partnerships in the world. With established educational institutions in over 165 countries around the globe it trains tomorrow’s ICT workforce using a variety of next generation teaching and learning practices.

Christen has over 25 years of executive management experience in using innovative technology as a change management catalyst and leadership tool. By combining strategy with practical implementation, Christen has repeatedly set long range goals while achieving short term wins for sustainable change. With a passion for process as an art form, Christen has successfully created and implemented processes that are self-reinforcing and sustaining, enabling greatly-improved operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

By combining her operational expertise with her people skills and talent, Christen has built, led and motivated teams through challenging business transitions in a variety of situations. Drawing upon her extensive travel to mature and least-developed countries and her personal exploration of other cultures Christen has deepened her understanding of people in general, and strengthened her leadership ability.

Christen earned her undergraduate degree and MBA from Stanford University.