Alyssa Habing

Marketing & Events Project Manager

IT Analyst, IT Customer Strategy and Success

As a Marketing and Events Project Manager, Alyssa Habing spearheads the Cisco on Cisco technology messaging and the go to market strategy to attract our customers during special events such as Cisco Live. Alyssa ensures our customers are capturing the value of the forever expanding Cisco on Cisco portfolio through multiple platforms and communication vehicles. After graduating from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering, Alyssa wanted to continue to drive results with her process mindset, diligence in structure for greater scale, and a strong customer-oriented focus. Alyssa works hard to balance the demands of executing on global events by taking her personal time to hang out at the beach, travel to new places, play golf with friends, enjoy varying varietals of wine and spend time with family.


February 11, 2015


The Executive Value of Cisco’s Data Center Day

Cisco IT is excited to be hosting its third Data Center Day in Allen, Texas this year on April 14th. Last September, Data Center Day was attended by 144 customers from...