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Aglaia Kong

Vice President, Engineering Technology

Aglaia Kong is the CTO for IOE (Internet of Everything) solution and VP of Technology leading solution innovation for IOE. Through connected ‘Things,’ Cisco can help customers optimize their operations via data analytics and drive new business value. In this role, she works closely with partners and industrial experts to create new solutions for verticals like oil & gas, manufacture, energy and health care etc..

Prior to this role, she was VP/GM for the Connected Platform Group for Cisco, focusing on the delivery of innovative products/platforms to enable various vertical solutions, such as education, health care and smart cities. She also served as CTO for Cisco China, where she applied her understanding of the unique trends & needs of the Chinese market, creating new products to address these needs, and driving many partnerships to help Cisco to get into new markets and participate in country transformational deals.

In her 4 years with Cisco, she has:

-         Built a business unit from scratch to more then $1billion revenue in less then 2 years

-         Invented/delivered 6 product platforms for education, health care and smart cities (transportation, remote health, environmental monitoring, building energy management) in record time

-         Helped Cisco to get into many new markets with multi-billion dollar revenue opportunities, such as Education Cloud for K1-12 for China, Thailand, Brazil and other emerging countries, and Connected Rural covering all the villages and 60 percent of China’s population, delivering Smart City solutions to 10+ large cities in China and around the world

-         Helped Cisco create two joint ventures in China and managed more then 30 technology companies for joint solutions developments around the world

-         Became a trusted advisor with strong connections to many large State Owned Entities, Ministries and country leaders in China and emerging countries due to her technical expertise, ability to articulate customer value and her speed of execution in solving problems with the right solutions

Beyond her business focus, she is a technology expert driving many efforts and serving multiple roles:

-         Chief architect for EnergyWise, an opened standard and platform to enable energy management through communication networks for any of the world’s electronic devices

-         Core member of Cisco Cloud Computing and IoT (Internet of Things) Work Groups

-         Advisory Professor for China East Normal University for Computer Science

-         Advisory Professor for China Zhejiang University for Computer Information & Cloud Management

-         Case Study for HK China University MBA course for Market Driven Innovation

-         Advisor to various startups in Silicon Valley, CA, USA focusing on distributed file systems, next-gen storage, big data analytics, smart grid, and food safety, environmental monitoring, and health monitoring

Prior to Cisco, Aglaia Kong was already an accomplished technologist and leader. A few highlights:

-         CTO for Storage & Availability Management Group in Symantec

-         Symantec Fellow

-         Initiated & managed Huawei Symantec Joint Venture

-         Distinguished Engineering for VERITAS

-         Pioneer and patent holder in leveraging GPS/GIS (global positioning system/geographic information system) for navigation

-         Founded and led various startups with a good track record in Silicon Valley, CA, USA

-         Wide range of technical experience including: mapping via GPS/GIS, satellite communication, internet messaging, satellite image pattern recognition, pen computing, storage, file systems, high availability technology for server and storage, disaster recovery, security, cloud computing, networking, laser, micro electronic, surface chemist etc.

-         More than 15+ patents related to storage virtualization, navigation, file systems and power management

-         Many publications in scientific journals

-         Speaker for 300+ events around the world

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