Stuart Higgins

Enterprise Architect

Healthcare Solutions

At Cisco, Stuart is an Enterprise Architect for the Cisco Healthcare solutions and architecture team within the Cisco CMO team. In this role, Stuart leads the team in producing Cisco Validated Designs (CVD) for Cisco’s healthcare based solutions as well as defining a number of healthcare relevant architectures including the Cisco Medical Grade Network portfolio.

Stuart actively participates within a number of standards bodies and healthcare groups including the IEC-80001-1 Working Group, the Wi-Fi Alliance Healthcare Task Group and the Continua Health Alliance. He is also co-chair of the IEC-80001 Responsibility Agreement TR working group and participates in the IEC-80001 Wireless TR working group. Stuart is a key leader in providing both internal and external webinars on various healthcare architectures, best practices, industry trends and solutions. He is often called upon to consult with a with a number of leading Medical Device Manufacturers on product technology integration considerations and design along with best practices for deployments of their medical device products. Recently he coordinated the first ever Healthcare Day at Cisco Live 2011 including a number of speaking sessions during the week long Cisco Live event. Within Cisco, he also serves a consultative role with a number of Cisco business units as they develop products for use within the healthcare market. This includes Cisco Unified Communication products, Wireless, Security and Video product lines.

Stuart has over 23 years working in the healthcare industry, including 17 years at Siemens Healthcare. During his time as an Advisor at Siemens Healthcare, Stuart and his team were responsible for the architecture, deployment and operation of the world's largest independently-owned and operated health¬care information network cloud service providing clinical connectivity to over 1200+ healthcare customers and over 600,000 clinical end users. This healthcare based cloud service is still in operation today throughout the United States and provides clinical services to an ever expanding base of healthcare professionals.

While with the Cisco Healthcare Solutions Engineering team he authored a number of CVD’s (Cisco Validated Design) including Nurse Connect which is Cisco’s first FDA listed solution for the healthcare market. In addition to this milestone CVD he was responsible for the Language Interpretation Services, PCI for Healthcare, Mobile Care and a number of other Cisco Validated Designs specific to healthcare. When not producing CVD’s, working with Medical Device Manufacturers or participating with various healthcare standards bodies he has produced a number of architectural white papers within the Medical Grade Network 2.0 portfolio including Wireless Architectures, Campus Design and Security and some other best practices white papers. As a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE #3194), Stuart has a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing healthcare customers, the dynamics influencing change in the industry and the understanding of the technologies best used to address this evolving industry.