Stef De Borchgrave

Manager IT

Stef de Borchgrave -

1994: Joined Cisco local IT Support engineer (contractor)

Support of the Mac's Network and Lucent phone system

1996: Converted to employee to start the EMEA Infra implementation team

Build a scalable team to deliver the physical IT infrastructure and Voice solutions in EMEA

Standardized EMEA on Lucent PBX and Octel Voice mail

1998: Formed the EMEA multiservice NW team

Deployed the first EMEA voice enable WAN

1999: Managed the EMEA Voice implementation and Operations team in charge of converting Cisco EMEA to IPT

Deployed the first IPT in EMEA, converted all Lucent to Call Managers

2001: Managed the EMEA Transport team (NW Ops)

Deployed the first multicast enabled MPLS NW in the world

2003: Managed Global NW Ops

Team supported all NW area's globally including Extranet and Internet Service

2006: Managed the global Telecom Management Team

Team was accountable for Telco Spend Management, Telco Provisioning, Telco Optimization and NW Cap Mgmt

2009: Manage the NDCS Capacity Management and Optimization team

Building a capacity Management and Optimization across all NDCS Technologies

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