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Phani Bhaskar

Project Manager IT
Visual Networking Solutions

Phani Bhaskar

Project Manager IT, Visual Networking Solutions


I have been fascinated by technology all my life; love to understand how those gadgets work. I started out my career as a manufacturing engineer after my graduate school, slowly moved toward IT with every job traversing through CAD/CAM, Database Application development and Visual Networking domains. I have been with Cisco IT for the last 10+ years, started out with HRIT as an IT Engineer and moved to Visual Networking Solutions group as a Project manager. Over a number of years I have gathered vast knowledge and experience in both technical and project management domain. I have worked on quite a few cross functional projects out side my core group. I love to share my experience both within and outside Cisco.

I'm a transplanted Californian with master's degree in engineering and have attended a number of professional development programs both inside and outside Cisco. When I am not working love to travel and visit interesting places near, far and beyond.

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