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Neil Diener

Technical Leader
Wireless Networking Business Unit

Neil Diener is a Technical Leader in the CTO and Strategic Initiatives Office of Cisco's Wireless Networking Business Unit. At Cisco, Neil works on shaping Cisco's wireless technology and product strategies, with a focus on the areas of Spectrum Intelligence, new RF technologies, and video over Wi-Fi.

Neil came to Cisco through the acquisition of Cognio, Inc. in 2007, where he was co-founder and CTO. Before founding Cognio, he held a series of management level positions at companies including Direct Hit (acquired by, Telogy Networks (acquired by Motorola), Sun Microsystems, and Xerox. Neil holds a BS Electrical Engineering from MIT and an MS Computer Engineering from USC. He has been issued 15 patents in the area of Wi-Fi and spectrum management.

Recent Speaking Engagements:

* Interop New York, November 2009, "Panel: Wireless Futures"

* Mobile Internet World, October 2008, "Panel: The Future of WiFi in the Enterprise".

* Burton Catalyst July 2007, "Impacts of Interference on WiFi"

* BICSI Canada, March 2007, "Understanding impacts of RF Interference on WLAN performance"

* IT Expo Florida, January 2007, "Benefits and Challenges of Business based on WiFi"

* Educause 2006, October 2006, "RF Interference and 802.11 WLANs"

* BICSI Las Vegas September 06 "Understanding impacts of RF interference on WLAN performance"

* WiMax Forum AWG, June 2006, "WiMax Tools Evolution"

* Netevents Singapore, May 2006, "Keynote Address: Lessons from the Unlicensed Band Experiment"

* Toronto WUG, April 2006, "Spectrum Expert Overview"

* DoD Spectrum Summit, October 2005, "The Future of Spectrum Analyzers"

* TiE Wireless Summit, May 2005, "Cognitive Radio Overview"

Issued Patents:

* "System and Method for Signal Classification of Signals in a Frequency Band"

* "Mitigating Interference with Frequency Hopping Signals by Deriving Future Hop Frequencies"

* "Ad-hoc Control Protocol Governing use of an Unlicensed or Shared Radio Frequency Band"

* "System and Method for Locating Sources of Unknown Wireless Radio Signals"

* "Systems and Methods for Interference Mitigation with Respect to Periodic Interferers in Short-range Wireless Applications"

* "System and Method for Classifying Signals Occurring in a Frequency Band"

* "Automated Real-time Site-Survey in a Shared Frequency-Band Environment"

* "System and Method for Monitoring and Enforcing a Restricted Wireless Zone"

* "Server and Multiple Sensor System for Monitoring Activity in a Shared Radio Frequency Band"

* "System and Method for Spectrum Management of a Shared Frequency Band"

* "System and Method for Management of a Shared Frequency Band using Client-Specific Management Techniques"

* "System and Method for Management of a Shared Frequency Band"

* "Automated Real-Time Site Survey in a Shared Frequency Band Environment"

* "User Interface and Time-Shifted Presentation of Data in a System that Monitors Activity in a Shared Radio Frequency Band"

* "Monitoring for Radio Frequency Activity Violations in a Licensed Frequency Band"

Cisco White Papers:

* "Cisco ClientLink: Optimized Device Performance with 802.11n", 2008

* "Cisco M-Drive Technology: Simplify 802.11n Adoption" 2008

* "Optimizing Enterprise Video over Wireless LAN", 2009

* "Cisco CleanAir: Integrated Spectrum Intelligence", 2010

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