Keith Brumbaugh

Domain Architect for Networking
IT Network and Data Center Services Cisco Systems

I got into networking following college in the late 80's when I was hired to do SNA networking in an IBM mainframe shop. Around the same time LANs and TCP/IP started to take hold in the enterprise and as the "network guy" was thrust into the brave new world by default. In the years following my focus shifted permanently to IP networking and I've rarely taken time to look back.

I joined Cisco in January 2000, originally as a member of the WAN operations team. In the years since I have filled a number of roles including 7 years as the technical lead for the team that runs Cisco's global WAN backbone (the CAPNet). In 2008 I accepted a position on the Cisco Network and Data Center Service's architecture team and I am currently the Domain Architect for Networking. As the Domain Architect for networking I have responsibility for all network architectures deployed used by IT here at Cisco.

I was born in Seattle but I am a near life-long resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up and attending school in the East Bay, I have a bachelor's degree from California State University, Hayward. My wife Lena and currently live in San Jose and enjoy hiking, reading and relaxing at home when away from Cisco.

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