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Wow! Cisco CRS-3 More Than Triples Capacity!

March 9, 2010 - 0 Comments

Think you can’t get emotional over technology?

And what’s that about guys not being able to show their emotions?


Mere mention of Cisco’s CRS-3 core router – announced today – is enough to shake to the core (Core . . . get it?) even the coldest of creatures. 

  • More than three times the capacity of the CRS-1 . . . which itself still has more than three times the capacity of its nearest competitor.  Oooooohhh!
  • Scales to 322 terabytes, actually.  Aaahhhhhhh!

Think of it this way . . . At 322 terabytes, the CRS-3 would allow every man, woman, and child in China to simultaneously make video calls.

Or — The CRS-3, running at 322 Tbps, could deliver all movies ever made in just 4 minutes.


But there’s more.

The new QuantumFlow Array Processor . . .

  • Helps double the service intelligence of our previous generation of core routers to power cloud and data center services
  • Has single flow wire rate forwarding – a fancy technical term meaning no bottlenecks

But wait, wait . . . don’t turn into a quivering mass of jelly yet.

  • The CRS-3 is the new benchmark in power and cooling efficiency — nearly twice as energy efficient as its competitors.

And, and . . .

The CRS-3 offers amazing investment protection.   No changing out of chassis, power blocks or fans.  All new components are backward compatible.  Even the power units are modular and can be added as a network grows. 

Wow.  I’m glad no one is around to see me so emotional.  That would definitely tarnish my guy credentials. 

This will be our secret.  OK?

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