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Unifying the Entire Data Center Infrastructure

- March 31, 2011 - 2 Comments

Unifying the entire Data Center infrastructure. To quote “Lucky” Ned Pepper from the film True Grit, “That’s bold talk for a one-eyed fat man, Kamp.” Well okay, I could lose a few pounds and admit to nearsightedness at my advancing years, but I am really good with this kind of bold talk my friends.

Cisco did make a bold announcement this week announcing  innovations across the entire Data Center portfolio. Yes, it’s alot of really cool stuff including Cisco Nexus (7000 family and 5000 Series),  the new ultra-low latency platform Cisco Nexus 3000, Cisco MDS storage switches, the Cisco Unified Computing System™,  Cisco Data Center Network Manager, and Cisco NX-OS. That’s servers, storage, Ethernet switching, management software. Bottom line here is that other companies–the competition announces pieces of a vision and even solid competing products, but only ONE company can serve up the whole enchalada, and that is Cisco.  

Do you need more proof? You betcha we have it. Look it’s Cisco that delivers Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) that is utilized by the end user. It’s Cisco that delivers unifed port capability on ALL the ports in the new Nexus 5548UP and 5596UP switches. It’s Cisco tht delivers industry leading low latency (less than 1usec port to port), in a high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet Nexus 3000. It’s Cisco that delivers  industry-leading standards-based innovation–Cisco fabric extender technology (FEX) that enables customers to build a single, modular fabric that extends from Cisco Nexus switches to Cisco Unified Computing System servers to adapters and to virtual machines. It’s only Cisco that can deliver the Unified Computing System C260 M2 Rack-Mount Server designed to power transaction-intensive applications and doubles the memory capacity of comparable 2-socket traditional servers. It’s Cisco that delivers new Data Center Network Manager (DCNM) that enables SAN, LAN, and server teams to cohesively manage converged end-to-end data center networks up to 150,000 ports. It’s Cisco that delivers the NX-OS data center operating system that provides high availability and supports a unified data center fabric.

You get the point, this is about consistent long term leadership in Data Center fabric evolution and innovations (since 2008, in fact). So I reject the contention from some pundits that Cisco has some catching up to do.  And I quote Forrester analyst Andre Kindness who participated in the live March 30 announcement of these advances who said, “Cisco is on the right track and leading the next-generation Data Center.”

To sum up it’s Cisco’s continuing innovations for virtualized and cloud environments that deliver industry-leading convergence from server edge to storage array. To quote one of the world’s most famous orators Charlie Sheen, “Winning!” 

Continuing Innovations for virtualized and cloud environments that deliver:

Industry-leading convergence from server edge to storage array
Data Center Fabric flexibility, scale, security and mobility
Fabric compute for physical and virtual environments

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