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TASER Builds SaaS offering on Cisco UCS and Nexus

December 21, 2009 - 0 Comments

Last week, TASER International Chairman Tom Smith and SVP Yogesh Saini hosted a Cisco TV show on their use of Cisco UCS and Nexus products to build a SaaS offering called


TASER While Cisco products put food on the family table over here, I’d be remiss not to lead with how utterly cool the TASER offering is on a technical level. They are mounting Axon video cameras and wearable computers on police offices in order to capture live video of events and store it for playback on demand at their cloud offering. Frankly, it makes servers and switches sound about as exciting as folded sheet metal.
That is until you consider the scale of storing and streaming a whole mess of video on demand. Once you begin to think about that on a datacenter level the demands become quite daunting–never mind the need to scale that infrastructure quickly as the service grows. Infrastructure And then you can throw in the challenges associated with housing sensitive information, such as that on police captured videos. Suffice it to say there are serious regulatory and security challenges. And these challenges need to be addressed at an architectural level.

Log on to the Cisco TV show to see how Cisco helped TASER go from RFP to fully operational datacenter in 98 days.

Don’t dally: Check out the Cisco TV show here.

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