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Home Networking Made Easy through Pure Innovation

April 1, 2010 - 1 Comment

When my wife and I go to our favorite restaurant, one of the things we always take advantage of is the valet service they offer.  While we are certainly able to find parking and walk across the parking lot, the extended Boston winters can make it more challenging than it needs to be.  It’s not that we wouldn’t go to the same restaurant if it didn’t offer valet services, but it just makes it so much easier.

Apparently, this analogy is even more pronounced with consumers who are interested in setting up a wireless network in their home.    Market data suggests that the home wireless network market in the US has only reached a 28% level of penetrationwith complexity of install being one of the main barriers of further adoption.

Well, this has all changed this week with the introduction of our Valet line of home wireless routers that make home networking a plug-n-play experience.  This latest innovation is in direct response to the needs of the market, but perhaps even more exciting is that it’s a solid proof point of the collaboration occurring between some of the newest additions to our Cisco Consumer Products Group– namely Pure Digital and Pure Networks.  Think about it– by combining the people that made capturing video easy (Flip!) with the people who focused on creating software to enhance the user experience in home networking (Pure Networks) and adding them to a team that lead the market in home networking (former Linksys) we have achieved a level of innovation that directly meets the needs of the market. 


So, just like the valet service at our favorite spot enhances our dining experience, we truly believe that the Valet line will do the same thing for consumers who want the benefits of wireless connectivity.  Check it out.


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  1. I'm very excited to see this getting easier. Getting my Xbox to stream video from my computer to my TV was hard. Keeping it working is even harder. There are dozens of other things I'd like to do - I just don't think my wife is as excited about it. This kind of innovation will improve my life for sure.