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Helping Cisco to Compete in Emerging Markets

July 21, 2008 - 2 Comments

As Cisco enters its fourth year of executing against its dedicated Emerging Markets (Russia and CIS, Central Eastern Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa) strategy, the value that industry analysts can play in helping Cisco shape and refine its approach could not be more critical. Over half the evaluation forms received at Cisco’s European and Emerging Markets Analyst Conference, held on the 24th and 25th June, listed Emerging Markets and Cisco’s Globalisation strategy as one of the key learnings or take aways from the event. Having established a foundational understanding of Cisco’s strategy in Emerging Markets, it is our hope that we can encourage more industry analysts to constructively challenge us. So what is Cisco looking for from the analyst community in Emerging Markets and how can you build credibility with our senior leadership teams? 1. Know Cisco’s customers, competitors and partners better than Cisco. Nothing can capture the attention of an AR manager or an executive more than to demonstrate a deep understanding of Cisco’s competitors at a regional and global level. The same applies to knowledge demonstration on Emerging Government strategies and global in-bound enterprise investments. Consider and challenge Cisco on our next generation partners -who should they be and why?2. Be forthcoming in your opinion of business models. By offering opinion, insights and advice on successful business models in Emerging Markets, you will attract the attention of our most senior decision makers. 3. Identify key Emerging Markets success dependencies beyond the obvious. Cisco understands the potential stumbling blocks as they relate to regulation, skills shortage etc. There is however scope for more dialogue around the role that India and China can play in helping Cisco to compete in Emerging Markets.4. Take the time to update yourselves via Cisco’s online resources. holds a wealth of information. Before engaging with a Cisco executive, take the time to read some of our executive perspectives and view the VOD’s on our Executive Thought Leadership site Cisco ETLIt is imperative that we continue to encourage a healthy dialogue with the analysts and we want to hear from you. We invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions on how Cisco can compete more effectively in Emerging Markets. Furthermore we would like you to tell us how Cisco can communicate better with you to help you in your jobs as the industry influencers in these markets.We look forward to a lively debate!Sharon

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  1. Pedro,We have been investing heavily in our Emerging Markets theater for several years and are working hard to continuously improve and deliver value to our customers. Cisco also takes integrity and business ethics very seriously and we have received numerous international awards for our policies in compliance and corporate governance. We also maintain an ethics office that is available to all employees, customers, partners and shareholders if they wish to express specific concerns either anonymously or for attribution. More info and contact details for Cisco’s ethics office is at: RegardsSharon

  2. Sorry, but you never understand the Emerging Market. Your account team is arrogantly, your products are expensive and in every area another competitor has better products. You don’t realized that people buying products from other people and paying bribes to customer is not the right way. You should start to understand the culture of these countries and descrease the price of your products. Afterwards you should hire trustful people and think about you strategy. CheersPedro