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Data Center Business Advantage

September 14, 2010 - 0 Comments

Today, we announce our vision for data center architecture: Data Center Business Advantage.  Several years have passed since we first introduced Cisco Data Center 3.0.  And, having accomplished the goals set forth below with Data Center 3.0, we are raising the bar and setting our sights on a new vision for data center architecture called Data Center Business Advantage that reflects the current challenges of our data center customers.

Goals of Data Center 3.0

  • The terms unified fabric, unified computing, and cloud computing are an integral part of the industry recognized taxonomy.
  • Customers now understand the benefits of the virtualized data center and most have built virtualization and automation into their planning model.
  • Companies are increasingly adopting both private and public cloud computing solutions.

Data Center Business Advantage

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Customers will use the Cisco Data Center Business Advantage architectural framework to create real ROI and business benefits from IT investment.  The three pillars of the framework that help customers create rapidly deployable, highly scalable, and infinitely reusable infrastructure are:

The technology components that comprise the Data Center Business Advantage include:


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