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Cisco WAAS Optimizes Cloud Application Delivery

March 12, 2010 - 1 Comment

Cloud computing results in lower costs for infrastructure, accelerated development and deployment, and more scalable solutions through adoption of a scalable multi-tenant solution.  But the benefits of adopting a cloud solution are largely dependent on the performance of your WAN and LAN. This increase in traffic is caused by an increase in the number of remote users in branch offices, the number of applications that traverse a WAN link, and an increase in WAN hops overall.  The increased utilization of SaaS Cloud applications such as Webex and has spawned a significant increase in the need for optimizing enterprise WANs. Enterprises adopting cloud computing find it useful to deploy WAN Optimization solutions like Cisco WAAS to improve performance WAN performance.

It is estimated that, sixty percent of SaaS applications are accessed from the SaaS hosting center and then backhauled through the corporate data center branch offices, traditional problems of WAN latency, packet loss, and bandwidth limitations for centralized application delivery can be magnified when deploying SaaS based cloud applications. The challenges enterprises face when deploying SaaS in a cloud environment include:

Performance: Application response times for branch-office and mobile users

Security: End-to-end application security for optimized traffic

Availability: Disaster recovery and survivability in the event of an outage or data loss

 It is because of these enterprise challenges that WAN Optimization technologies such as Cisco WAAS are of increasing importance in SaaS cloud environments.


Cisco WAAS Use Case Delivery Scenarios

 Public cloud SaaS applications such as Webex and

  • Enterprises reduce costs because they no longer need to own, host, or manage these applications.
  • SaaS applications can be delivered to branch offices via a connection to the cloud provider using backhaul from the corporate data center.

Public cloud collaboration applications MS SharePoint and Cisco Webex:

  • Benefits include a reduction in link latency and protocol chattiness while increasing available WAN bandwidth.
  • Enterprises using WAAS to optimize collaboration applications have even experienced WAN data compression exceeding 80 percent.

Private cloud applications and services such as MS Exchange and VMware View:

  • Enterprises scale their infrastructure while reducing management overhead and decreasing deployment times by consolidating distributed IT resources and virtualizing them in the data center.

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  1. Hi, we have Cisco WAAS and Cisco Webex, how we can optimize Webex with Cisco WAAS? Have you one white paper with instructions to do this? We have bad experiences with webex video and audio constantly stopping. Thank You !