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May 28, 2010 - 3 Comments

Calling all industry analysts!  Cisco’s AR team continuously strives to refine the content we provide you via social media, blogs, Twitter, etc.  We would love to hear your candid feedback and comments.  Please take 2 minutes to voice your opinion HERE 


Thank you!

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  1. I’m a big fan of the subgroups on LinkedIn. They provide specific, topical information. I am too up and down with Twitter. I log in when I have the time, but that is only on occasion, so I tend to lose the continuity. I use Facebook almost exclusively for family and friends.

  2. ReginaYou need to mix more real people with your social media approach. Very often I get directed to online t/cs when I need to speak to someone about your approach. Especially in the areas of UCS and CSR I find your information too general for the coverage of the industry I’m producing. Having said that, you do demonstrate very good understanding of the capabilities of social media.I believe there is a ‘hierarchy of touch’ in AR – a need to balance face-to-face with telephone and Web activities. I haven’t seen enough of the former in the last year. I don’t just want to hear the same information you broadcast to every analyst every time.Best WishesMartin

  3. I’m the wrong guy to ask. I’m on Linked In, Facebook, and Plaxo, but about all I ever do is accept invitations. I never log in, and the only element that gives me any value is some of the discussion groups on Linked In- and a lot of that is sales people making moronic sales pitches.Maybe if I had no life I’d have more time to dedicate to this stuff, but I’m busy.