#EngineersUnplugged S5|Ep3: NXOS and Puppet

In this week’s episode of Engineers Unplugged, Tim Swanson (@tiswanso) and Nigel Kersten (@nigelkersten) discuss NXOS and Puppet, and the Cisco/Puppet plug-ins created for configuring network switches. What does this mean? Watch and see. Hint: it ends in unicorns. **The next Engineers Unplugged shoot is at EMC World, Las Vegas, May 2014! Contact me now […]

Cisco NX-OS VXLAN Innovations Part 1: Inter-VNI Communication Using Downstream VNI

Acquisition and mergers involve integration of both business and IT infrastructure and there is a need for fast and seamless integration. Similarly, in shared-services scenario, tenants in a network need transparent access to the extranet or shared services in more flexible fashion. Cisco VXLAN EVPN Downstream VNI provides greater flexibility and time savings when it comes to integration of disjoint networks and shared-service deployments.