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Cisco Brings the Future to German Food Manufacturer


What happens when your company succeeds beyond its wildest imagination? If you’re the German food corporation Seeberger, you complete revamp your warehouse and transform it into a building with a top-of-the-line wireless network.

Though the company had thought long and hard over how the business should evolve, the wireless network solution wasn’t made over night. After reviewing three vendors and choosing Cisco (due to Cisco having the most complete and simple solution) Seeberger built out their wireless network gradually and carefully. Now their entire campus is connected via 200 Cisco Aironet 1600 Series Access Points and Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers.

With the entire operation wireless, it has allowed warehouse operations to be automated. Whether its the temperature and humidity being controlled in the raw goods warehouse to technicians checking sprinkler systems and recording the results anywhere on campus, the company is run in a more efficient automated way. Read More »

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CMX Delivers Real World Impact for Retailers



Industry-focused tradeshows are great. There’s no better way to get a concentrated dose of the real challenges that customers face day after day.

Last week, Cisco participated in the National Retail Federation’s tradeshow in New York City. At our booth, we provided an in-store experience showing how Cisco technology can help optimize the experience for customers and retailers. As part of that experience, we presented presence and locations analytics. And after dozens of presentations to some of the largest retailers in the world, it’s clear that customers see CMX analytics as a key tool for making meaningful business decisions.

In presentation after presentation, it was clear that several real-world use cases from CMX customers really resonated with retailers. While there were several provided, two uses case in particular stood out.

A/B Testing: Even in today’s digital world, advertising campaigns are still critical to retail success. But what campaigns really work? With CMX Analytics, retailers can apply one advertising campaign to one set of stores and another advertising campaign to a second set of stores. CMX can track the numbers of visitors and dwell times in the store to determine which campaign delivers the better results.

High Traffic and Wholesale Negotiation: CMX analytics can graphically display the most highly trafficked areas of a store. Assume a grocery store has two entrances. The grocer can use this insight to negotiate better wholesale terms from a manufacturer for placing that product in the high traffic zones.

Both of these use cases are currently being employed by CMX customers. And, judging from the interest expressed by the retailers we spoke with at NRF, they won’t be the last.

Become a Part of the Future at Cisco Live! Berlin


If you’re attending Cisco Live! Berlin later this month, make sure to stop by Hall 7.3, Breakout room 732 at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, February 17 for the exciting session entitled: “The Foundation for Better Mobile Experiences”.

This hour and thirty minute panel discussion is bound to be a lively exchange of ideas centered around the future of wireless technology. After listening—and hopefully participating—in this session, you can determine whether your organization is ready for the changes in wireless networks that are speeding your way. We know that these changes can be a bit scary, but the best news is that you won’t have to go through it alone.

Customers will discuss how they are benefitting from a robust wireless network deployment and the solutions that they use to improve their businesses. You will hear their insight into some of the decisions they made in choosing Cisco and where they see their network in the future. You’ll benefit from hearing directly from customers who have built a robust wireless network for cutting edge solutions. And the customers are all from well known companies that you’ll recognize. Read More »

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A Less Stressful College Experience – All Thanks to Cisco

Norway’s Bergen University College’s problem was that it was spread too thin. Before the school’s recent move to a new campus, the college was dispersed over five buildings. Bergen University College is now down to two buildings. Included with the move was a request for a better Wi-Fi network and the ability to allow students and faculty to accurately know where they are at all times.

Bergen University College worked with Cisco on a solution to expand its wireless network using:
• Cisco Aironet 3702e and 3702i access points
• Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN controllers
• Cisco 3850 and 4500-X Series switches
• Cisco Catlyst 6500 Series switches

These Cisco products allowed the college to achieve its primary goal of creating an 802.11ac wireless network that was large enough to support the school’s bring your own device (BYOD) policy. This new network needed to have the right type of security access (role-based and context-aware) in order for this BYOD policy to work properly.

In addition to a better wireless network experience, Bergen University College was also interested in using their new wireless network to administer a wayfinding service. Through a collaboration with Cisco partner MazeMap, the college was able to create a service where students and faculty could find themselves anywhere on campus. From there, they were able to figure out the best routes to their destinations. This wayfinding app has lead to the elimination of hallway gridlock, making the student population much happier.

To read the case study, please click hereAR75858.

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Cisco Wireless Network Turns Shopping into a More Pleasurable Experience


Due to the overabundance of choices, going to the mall can sometimes make your head spin.

One of France’s biggest property groups, Altarea Cogedim, recently built Qwartz in Villeneuve-la-Garenne. At this mall there are so many stores having so many sales, oftentimes just buying a pair of pants can be a harrowing experience for shoppers.

On the opposite side of the same coin, merchants are also drowning in a flood of choice too. Over a million unique visitors come through the mall every year, but shop owners don’t have the right data to know what items their customers are looking for.

The people behind Qwartz wanted Read More »

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