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Sparkling New Wi-Fi Campus in Singapore

In general, everytime I get to Singapore, I am amazed how clean and efficient everything is. But I always see something new on each visit.This time, I had the pleasure of visiting the Republic Polytechnic, a BRAND NEW UNIVERSITY that is still under construction (when is the last time you saw a NEW university). AND ITs (drumroll please) all wireless. Rows and rows of APs everywhere, like the mad rush of ships in Singapore harbor, beckoning prosperity and connection with the rest of the world. Students everywhere with tablets, with laptops, all communicating.More remarkable?I met with the charismatic IT director, Samuel Liu in his new office. Looking around, I could not find a phone. NO deskphone? The all use Cisco softphones connected to our call managers IP PBX. “Where is your handset?” I asked. He pointed to a stringy headset on his desk. Wow, this guy can show many of us some real world experience about mobility. He went on to tell me about his reliance on MSN Messenger and Cisco IP Communicator. He wants all his mobility services federated and he will get there, probably before most. Reminded me of the Mark Twain quote from Puddin’ Head WilsonNoise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she had laid an asteroid.Mobility pioneers. Some of the least know innovators?

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