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Cisco helps Bass Pro Shops Reduce Networking Expenses at Retail Branch Locations with New Wireless Controller (announced today at Interop!)

If you’ve ever been to a Bass Pro Shops store, you’ve probably taken notice of the different fish displays in each location – but if you’re an IT manager or wireless enthusiast, you might have also taken note of all the wireless devices around the store. Each of the 54 Bass Pro Shops retail locations uses over 35 wireless devices, such as wireless handheld scanners and wireless printers, all running over Cisco wireless access points throughout the store. And in the future, if you look really closely, what you won’t notice are the wireless controllers – because there won’t be any. Bass Pro Shops is in the process of deploying the new Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller to remotely manage the wireless connections at each of their retail stores, as well as their headquarters and distribution facility. As a result, the company will eliminate the need for wireless controllers in each retail location, providing a perfect example of how the Flex 7500 Controller can help customers reduce costs, complexity and deployment times in remote sites.

It’s these kinds of customer successes that get us excited. We’re proud to publicly announce the Bass Pro Shops deployment in today’s press release, which also included the launch of the new Cisco Flex 7500 Series Cloud Controller, providing centralized private cloud management for up to 2,000 wireless access points and up to 20,000 wireless clients.

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Live Interop Session: Customer Case Study, Take Control of Mobile Devices on Your Network

Tablets and mobile devices are driving massive change in the IT world. We are seeing a few key shifts that need to be addressed:

The user to device ratio has changed, while IT resources stay the same:

  • Early 1990s: Each user has one device on a wired connection.
  • Late 1990s: Users have gone mobile with laptops and other local devices.
  • Today: Employees require anytime, anywhere access with multiple devices per person.

IT is struggling to secure, manage and support employee-owned devices in the workplace, bringing it’s own set of challenges:

  • Classifying managed vs. unmanaged endpoints.
  • Ensuring proper identification and authentication of devices.
  • Associate each user with the proper host.

It all comes down to this: when your employee brings an iPad into work, how can you centralize access and policy management, without adding IT resources?

Join our session to learn how the Cisco Identity Services Engine and Cisco Prime Network Control System offer the solution. Timothy Abbott, Senior Network Engineer, CCNA, CCNP will be on-site to present a case study from his experience at the San Antonio Water System.

We hope to see you Wednesday May 11th, 11:15am – 12:00pm in the Mandalay Bay L conference room. Learn more.

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Missed the Webcast? Visibility and Control for iPads and Mobile Devices on Your Network

Missed our May 4th Webcast?
Read on for a quick overview, take a look through the slides – or just jump right into the recording below.

With the launch of the iPad, other tablets and smartphones, employee-owned devices are growing on the corporate network. This proliferation of devices is evolving the mobile security landscape, requiring a new breed of tools for network administrators. In this Webcast, learn how the new Cisco Prime Network Control System converges user and access management across wired and wireless networks, integrating the Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) for a single point of policy control. Together, these solutions allow IT to have complete visibility and control over every device on the network, with security policy integrated.

The webcast features detailed insight into the current mobile security landscape, with Dan Larkin, the former FBI Unit chief of the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and now the Strategic Director of operations for the National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance.

iPads on Your Network? Take Control with Unified Policy and Management

Users are increasingly carrying their iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones into the workplace. These mobile devices and tablets introduce new security threats and IT management challenges.

Join us for the third in our series of webinars to learn about new Cisco innovations that will help you identify the devices, apply policies and enable user management across wired and wireless networks. Featuring special guest speaker Dan Larkin, Director of Strategic Operations for the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA) who will share the new threat vectors introduced due the influx of mobile devices. Take control of your network now.

Live webcast Wednesday, May 4th from 10:00 – 11am PDT (12:00 – 1:00pm EDT)
Register now!

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TweetChat for Cisco Prime Network Control System: Live Expert Q&A

With 7.1 billion tablets, smartphones and other mobiles devices entering the market—and many making their way into the enterprise—how can you effectively manage user access over the wired and wireless network? Help your users and their devices get online, stay online with comprehensive visibility into you network.

Join our experts for a live Q&A TweetChat on Cisco Prime Network Control System, and see how we enable converged user, access and identify management across wired and wireless networks.

Win (1) Amazon Kindle or one of (2) $5 Starbucks gift card for simply participating live! Winners will be randomly selected for asking a relevant question, sharing a comment or Re-Tweeting a post with the #ciscowifi hashtag. Read the full terms and conditions.

Tuesday, May 3rd at 9-10am PDT (12-1:00pm EDT)

On the day of the event, follow the conversation with the hastag #ciscowifi on any of the following platforms:

Follow the discussion, contribute questions and submit your own comments by including #ciscowifi with all of your Tweets, regardless of the platform you use.


  • Saurabh Bhasin (@sabhasin), Product Line Manager for Cisco Prime NCS
  • Scott Simkin (@Cisco_Mobility), Mobility Solutions Marketing
  • Brian Robertson, Mobility Solutions Marketing

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We hope to see you on May 3rd, 2011, 9-10:00am PDT (12-1:00 EDT), just follow the hastag #ciscowifi.

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