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Don’t Fall Victim to Staff Absenteeism This Summer

With fewer than 50 days to go until London 2012, are you prepared for the potential staffing issues that could be caused by the Games coming to London this summer?  Cisco’s online ‘Games ready’ test found that although 42% of businesses already have existing flexi-time policies that will operate as normal during Games time, 34% are not changing business work hours to avoid the travel chaos.

No doubt some of your staff have already booked time off, whilst the rest will want to watch the action online and if your network infrastructure’s not up to scratch, you could be heading for a crash.  So, here are some top tips for your business to capitalise on these events:

Plan ahead 

Now is the time to start looking at what you are doing internally and share the magic of the Games with your team.  I’m not saying that during Games time the office should come to a standstill whilst everyone enjoys the action – but if managed correctly, London 2012 has the potential to be uniting rather than disruptive. Of course employers need their businesses to continue trading as normal so it’s important to start putting plans in place now on the best way to engage with your workforce during this time.

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Got an iPad? We’re Speaking Your Language.

When it comes to discovering available resources, Apple and WiFi networks can quite literally speak a different language. Apple has always done things a little differently. That’s one reason Apple is Apple. But with the ballooning share of iPhone and iPads on the enterprise network, it’s time for a little cross platform diplomacy.

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Mobile Learning: How Technology is Transforming Education Around the Globe



Wireless Brings the Freedom to Learn Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile Learning and technology in the classroom may just be the game-changer that gives students around the world equal access to learning.  This week on Netflix I watched “Waiting for Superman,” a documentary that follows the lives of several American students that strive to be accepted into charter schools. The movie is highly controversial, so I won’t give my opinion in this forum, but one theme that resonated with me as a parent of three elementary school students is that the parents in this movie wanted to get the best education for their children in order to ensure their success later in life. I think that’s a global theme that resonates with all parents who are invested in the success of their children’s education.  In addition to parental involvement, technology plays a key role in leveling the playing field for students. Technology can help schools overcome distance and financial barriers by providing equal access to information whether you are a student in the Bronx or in Jordan.  Online learning helps students learn at their own pace, and may even help students with parents who don’t review or assist with homework.  I personally am thrilled with PearsonSuccessNet.  My 3rd grader uses this website to review his math lessons the night before a test.  He can sit at the computer and listen to the audio and watch animated lessons, while I fix dinner or help my other children with their homework.  Technology in education can help to decrease absenteeism, lower dropout rates, and motivate students to continue on to college. I’d like to share with you three examples of technology changing the lives of students and teachers around the world.

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Can BYOD Be Simple, Affordable, and Secure for the Medium-Business?

Do you have an iPhone,  Android, Samsung , or any other mobile phone? Not surprising since there will be 15 billion networked devices by 20151. With employees (yes, even IT themselves) bringing their mobile phones to work, businesses are seeing at least a doubling of mobile devices per employee; from laptop-only to laptop + mobile phone (+ tablet)2.

The IT department is faced with an increased burden on their existing wireless network, while securing email access from any platform and simultaneously ensuring an optimal, reliable user mobile experience. Offering a reliable, consistent user mobile experience used to be a luxury ask; today, it impacts employee productivity. Mobile employee productivity can range from wireless laptop access from conference rooms to roaming the within the building accessing corporate email from any mobile device. This is true for me (working at a large enterprise) and my husband (working at a medium-sized business).

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BYOD and Back to School…Already?

Popsicles, water balloon fights, fireflies and staying up past your bedtime. These summertime rituals haven’t changed since I was a kid. What has changed is technology and the buying cycle for back-to-school.  Last week in Target I saw an entire wall display of back packs.  My kids have been out of school for exactly one month and retailers are already pushing school supplies! 

Sunday I woke up brewed a pot of coffee and sat down with my iPad to check Facebook and peruse my email. Cisco has embraced Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), so I have secure access to my work email on my iPad at home. I checked a few work emails, but I just couldn’t resist the Red, White and Blue 20% off coupon in my inbox.  Had I not seen the back-to-school display last week and received the coupon in my inbox would I be buying khaki pants and blue shirts the 2nd week of July?  Shopping on a laptop is easy. Shopping on an iPad is just downright dangerous!  Consumerism was starting to take over, but in my mind I justified it as one less thing on my to-do list for August.

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