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It’s Here! Mark Your Calendars to See Cisco’s Latest Innovations at Retail’s Big Show

Mark your calendars to attend Cisco’s Big Ideas Sessions in Room 3D04, EXPO Hall, Level 3:

Find us at Cisco booth #252 to see our 5 new innovative demos:

Read more at the Cisco Retail Blog this week:

Catch Us If You Can: Cisco Mobility at NRF 2013

If you’re going to NRF, you might be interested in how to build customer relationships, maintain brand loyalty and boost sales. If your answer is a resounding YES, don’t miss our mobility events.

Here’s our line-up next week in New York.

Engage and Entice Your Customers with New Wi-Fi Solutions .

Date: Tuesday, January 15, 1013
Time: 9:15 – 10:00 a.m.
Room: 3D04, EXPO Hall, Level 3

Speakers: Bob Friday, CTO, Mobility/Wireless

Cisco Mobility CTO Bob Friday’s Big Ideas speaking session Tuesday Jan 15 will teach you how to use your wireless network to more effectively engage and entice today’s mobile, tech-savvy shoppers. Your takeaway: How your wireless network can help you enhance the in-store shopping experience.


We’re putting on two hot, mobility-centric demos at Booth #252:

  • Cisco BYOD Smart Solution
    More and more employees, suppliers, and customers want to bring their own devices onto your wireless network. This demo teaches you how you can support trouble-free access for all users, on any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Takeaways: How to improve employee productivity and customer service with a more secure BYOD environment.

View video of demo overview

  • Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences
    Learn how shoppers are behaving in your store and use that information to engage and retain them. See for yourself how Cisco and our partners can help you deliver personalized, highly targeted mobile services including location analytics, powered by Cisco ThinkSmart. Takeaways: How to optimize the customer experience to enhance store profits.

View video of demo overview


Some of you may know that we recently acquired Meraki—don’t forget to check out their booth at Booth #1283 to learn more about the benefits of the cloud to edge and branch networks.

See you there!

For more information on all of Cisco’s activities at NRF 2013, please visit our event website at

For the latest reports from the show floor including news, photographs and videos, please follow us on the Cisco Retail Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linked In and blogs

I Got 99 Problems But Application Visibility Ain’t One

Do you have trouble viewing, controlling, and troubleshooting the causes of poor end-user application experience?

You may be suffering from low application visibility in your network, a side-effect of the flood of devices pouring into your workplace, the phenomenon commonly known as BYOD.

Symptoms include: difficulty prioritizing mission-critical applications and subflows, incorrect network capacity planning, overloaded bandwidth, network downtime, poor quality of experience for users, and major headache for IT.

Luckily for you, Cisco has Application Visibility & Control (AVC) for Wireless!

Cisco AVC solves all the problems of low application visibility and more with its integrated suite of Cisco technologies, including Network-Based Application Recognition 2 (NBAR2) and NetFlow version 9. NBAR2 can identify more than 1000 applications and support application categorization, with the ability to update the protocol definition; while NetFlow version 9 selects and exports data of interest, allowing for easy consumption of application performance statistics by Cisco and third-party management tools.

Check out this short 2 minute video on the basics of AVC:

For more information, check out Cisco AVC for Wireless

Why Every Business Should Be a Fan of Teleworking

While employee work flexibility and increased job satisfaction are strong reasons to consider teleworking solutions, the latest report from the Telework Research Network shows that there are even more compelling reasons to support teleworking at your business.

Can you imagine a world where teleworking was the norm? In their U.S. report, the research organization identifies potential national savings of over $700 BILLION a year if those with compatible jobs and a desire to work from home did so just half the time. The Telework Research Network paints a pretty picture with these potential savings:

  • A typical business would save $11,000 per person per year
  • The telecommuters would save between $2,000 and $7,000 a year
  • The oil savings would equate to over 37% of our Persian Gulf imports
  • The greenhouse gas reduction would be the equivalent of taking the entire New York State workforce permanently off the road.

You don’t need to be a finance person to see that this is one bandwagon businesses need to jump onto!

Don’t know where to start? It’s easy, and Cisco’s here to help.

The Cisco OfficeExtend 600 solution helps businesses enable teleworkers by extending wireless and wired access to the corporate network to the workers home or remote office locations.  The OfficeExtend solution provides secure access to the corporate network to deliver the same comprehensive access to business services that workers would get in main business office. Additionally, a corporate wired or wireless Cisco IP phone can be added to improve collaboration for teleworkers.

In addition, the teleworker can also setup personal wireless or wired access for personal use in their home or remote office.  The data traffic from the personal access is segmented and does not have access to the corporate network. This give the worker the flexibility to have a single Access Point in the home for work related access as well as personal networking activities while knowing that their corporate data traffic is fully secured.


For more information please check out Cisco OfficeExtend Solution and Cisco Teleworker Solutions

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The Ten Most Popular Mobility Blog Posts of 2012

Takeaway: The Cisco Enterprise Wireless group helps networking and IT professionals stay informed and get the most out of Cisco’s products and solutions, while displaying thought leadership on major technological trends. For 2012, there were 10 posts that stood out from the rest.

Cisco Enterprise Wireless products and solutions continue to grow in the enterprise space, providing best-in-class wireless infrastructure for many businesses and organizations. Out of our blogs this year, including detailed case studies of how enterprises utilize Cisco products and solutions, best practices from successful deployments, overviews of thought leadership webinars, and more, ten posts stood out from the rest.

Ten Most Popular

1. Get your Wi-Fi Network Ready for Windows 8

Jeevan Patil discusses 802.11w and Windows 8 compatibility, workarounds, why you should care and how to ensure that your network is ready.

2. 802.11ac: The Fifth Generation of Wi-Fi Technology

802.11ac is coming. Let Bill Rubino walk you through the in’s and out’s of IEEE’s latest standard, aided by trusty Techwise TV Fundamentals.

Read More »

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