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[Podcast] Enhance Wireless with MSE & WSSI Module

We’re featured on the latest episode of No Strings Attached Show!

Don’t miss our own product managers Jagdish Girimaj and Mark Denny take a deep dive with NSA Show hosts Blake Krone and Samuel Clements into the technology behind enhancing wireless with the Cisco Mobility Services Engine (MSE) and Wireless Security & Spectrum Intelligence (WSSI) AP3600 module.

Listen into the podcast here!

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Harnessing the Potential of Wi-Fi in K-12 Schools

Last week, I traveled to Michigan to visit a Cisco customer. The customer was the Utica Community Schools who had recently installed a Cisco Wireless Solution including the new Aironet 2600 Access Point for all their K-12 Schools. I visited the elementary school where I was able to observe how the students used the wireless network in the classroom environment.

While talking with the principal, she told me that since they installed the wireless network, the kindergarten class for example has transformed how children our educated. The children interactively learn through tablets, laptops and computers. Through the wireless solution, a variety of educational applications are enabled where the curriculum is designed for individual student depending on his or her level.

We will be featuring the Utica, MI School System in an upcoming video case study. UPDATE: Now Posted!

In the meantime, we have a webinar planned that specifically covers how Mobility is transforming K-12.  In this webinar, you will learn from the experiences of our guest speaker, Dr. Scott Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Mooresville Graded School District from Mooresville, NC.

We also have Tony De La Rossa, a Cisco Systems Engineer who will discuss the Cisco Mobility solution and how it can effectively be used for K-12.

The webinar is December 11th @ 9:AM PST and you can register here.

Bowdoin College Takes Crown for Connected College Champion

U.S. News & World Report debuted their Most Connected Colleges ranking this year, honoring the schools that best leverage technology to improve the connections between students and educators. The inaugural ranking’s first place went to Bowdoin College, a private liberal arts College located in Maine. Amazingly, they beat out traditionally techie schools CMU (#10) and Harvey Mudd (#23) and Silicon Valley gem Santa Clara University (#14) not to mention CalTech (#67).  How’d they do it?

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Cisco and SAP Collaborate to Offer a New Shopping Experience at Retailers

When was the last time you sifted through the pile of coupons and special offers that fill your mailbox each day? Extreme “couponers” aside, most of us rely more on the daily coupons we receive via email from online sites, rather than the thousands that end up in our recycling bin each month.

Today, technology has influenced the purchase decision, and buyers are bringing their own technology – smartphones and mobile devices – on their shopping excursions. In a world where 74% of smartphone owners use their mobile phones to get real-time location-based information, retailers need to harness the power of the loyal customers and market to those consumers in real-time.

Cisco’s partnership with SAP for a new Retail Mobility Solution offers a unique business-to-consumer shopping experience that brings real-time and location-based deals to shoppers and allows businesses to improve customer service and more accurately track ROI. Supporting the solution, Cisco’s Context Aware Services, Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE) and Cisco Prime Network Management with SAP’s Precision Retail Application (Apollo), optimize the in-store experience for consumers and retail decision makers. This mobility retail solution leverages the indoor-location and analytic capabilities of the Cisco Connected Mobile Experience platform to drive a premium consumer experience, allowing shoppers to make quick decisions and receive instant discounts on their mobile devices to put towards their purchases.

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[Poll] What’s YOUR Black Friday Shopping Companion of Choice?

If you’re in the United States, you’ll know Thanksgiving means two things: turkey and therapy (as in retail therapy).

As one of our more shameless displays of mass consumerism, Black Friday brings to light the not-so-new fact that shopping and consumers are undeniably married to the megatrend of consumerization.

Deloitte declared in its Annual Holiday Survey that it’s smartphone shoppers who are driving sales this season. “Online and mobile shopping gets consumers in the spirit; [and] in-store service may seal the deal.” Retailers like Target are announcing left and right that there will be free Wi-Fi and smartphone navigation for the holidays to keep their mobile consumers happy.

Sure, businesses can provide seasonal perks to their holiday shoppers, but how does a retail business establish themselves in this new age of consumerization?

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