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Too Many Remotes, Not Enough Time!

Does this picture remind you of your networks?

A friend of mine put this photo on Facebook one night with the quote, “..and I can’t find the remote I need to turn down the freakin’ sound bar!!!”

Even though we are techies, haven’t you had similar moments and frustrations? I have yet to find a great, intuitive, easy-to-use solution to solve the problem of multiple remotes.

Is managing your wireless and wired networks something like using multiple remotes? Do you have one management solution for the wired network, one for the wireless network; one policy and security application for BYOD, one for wired devices, and the list goes on.

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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Cisco Wireless Network for the Apple iPhone 5 & Other Dual Band Smartphones

Last week Apple dominated tech headlines when it announced details of the iPhone 5. With its release today, thousands of fans will line up across the globe to be the first to try the new smartphone.

There have been a number of iPhone improvements, but the one I find significant is the fact that the iPhone 5 will have dual band Wi-Fi. This means that in addition to supporting the 2.4GHz band, it will now support the 5GHz band. Why is this significant? Well, the iPhone joins a number of other smartphone vendors who now have products capable of operating in both the 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) and 802,11a/n (5GHz) Wi-Fi bands. Other vendors that stack up include Samsung’s Galaxy S III and HTC’s One X.

Why is this 5GHz important? There is certainly nothing wrong with the 2.4GHz band. Both bands are unlicensed in most regions of the world. However, with the proliferation of devices due to the growing BYOD trend, the 2.4GHz band is getting real crowded. Remember: the 2.4GHz band only has 3 non-overlapping channels available. Think about it: all these devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and access points are competing for the available bandwidth while interference increases.  In short, the 2.4GHz band just doesn’t have enough capacity for all these competing devices.

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BYOD No Longer Optional for Government

Do you remember your first cell phone? I remember mine.    It was big, and clunky, and really heavy.  It would have made a better door stop than personal device.  Things have really changed since those days. Our devices are so sleek and light now that we bring them with us everywhere we go, feeding directly into the BYOD trend that is taking government by storm.

In last Thursday’s BYOD post, I talked about the need to approach the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend from a collaboration perspective. Government organizations know the BYOD movement is here to stay. It’s no longer optional.  It’s the way their employees want to communicate, and it’s a level of connectivity that state governments and federal agencies have started to implement.

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Gadget Geeks Require a High Density Wi-Fi Network. Learn Design Best Practices









Last year at Interop New York, Sujai Hajela, VP/GM Cisco Wireless presented a Keynote: Mobility and the Social Enterprise.  He asked the audience to show a raise of hands to see how many devices people were carrying.  As you would expect, there were plenty of people with 5 or more devices—some with as many as 7!

Similar to IT industry veterans, college students are also gadget geeks. Charles E. Spurgeon, Senior Network Architect at the University of Texas sees most students carrying 2-3 devices—typically a laptop, smartphone and some students also carry iPads.  Last Wednesday, more than 2 million pre-orders were placed within 24 hours of Apple announcing the iPhone 5—I’m sure many college students, Interop attendees, and gadget geeks were among those first orders.  

So what’s an IT director to do with all these devices on their network? How do you design a network to accommodate the influx of users, devices, and applications on your wireless network?

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Pervasive Wireless for BYOD Webinar: Q&A Session

We recently recorded a webinar on Pervasive Wireless for BYOD. If you missed the webinar, you can find a recording of it here. During the session there were a number of great questions that came up and we felt it would be good to post them on the Cisco Mobility Blog. Here is a selection of the most informative questions from the session:

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